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Never before has the quality of health and hygiene in public places been so consequential and important. With the rise and spread of COVID-19, maintaining a good level of health and hygiene in public places can mean a substantial difference in how we manage the disease and how quickly we can recover and return to a sense of normality. But what do you really know about health and hygiene in public places? And how does Tweaq’s self cleaning door handle help safeguard those in offices, restaurants, hotels and healthcare?

What is health and hygiene in public places?

Health and hygiene in public spaces is the art and science of public health that can protect the population as a whole. Health and hygiene in public spaces involves preventing and controlling the spread of communicable diseases, promoting physical health and personal hygiene, as well as maintaining a sanitary environment for the public.[1]

Why is health and hygiene in public places important?

Where a group of people are using the same space, there is a greater risk of diseases and infections being spread. The conscious effort of keeping public spaces clean and sanitary with the addition of individuals maintaining their own personal hygiene can significantly improve the growth and quality of life in communities. It can also reduce the risk in different chronic diseases being spread amongst the population.[2]

As they do say, “prevention is better than cure” and the steps involved in health and hygiene in public spaces does just that. An attempt to prevent a situation where a disease spreads like wildfire through a population on a large scale with no immediate cure.

However, this is where COVID-19 makes us all take a second look at our personal hygiene and the hygiene of public spaces. With over 33 million cases worldwide as of the end of September 2020, and infection rates continuing to persist around the globe [3] the importance of public health and hygiene has never been so important.

As lockdown measures have eased to allow different countries’ economies to reopen, this has had some consequential effects on public health around the world and given way to new surge in COVID-19 infections which are seeing a rise of over 200 thousand new cases every day. What measures can be applied to make public spaces safer? How can we as individuals  improve health and hygiene in public places so as to control and manage the spread of COVID-19 more effectively?

How to ensure health and hygiene in public spaces?

There are several basic rules to public sanitation and cleanliness. Some of the efforts in maintaining a sanitary public environment include sustaining a proper cleaning routine; cleaning of areas in use to the public, the removal and disposal of litter, the addition of more accessible waste disposal options, as well as developing a sense of responsibility in the community to keep themselves conscious of their hygiene and public spaces they come into contact with.

However, putting all the responsibility of hygiene and health in the public’s hand provides no true guarantee of safety. How can you ensure health and hygiene in public spaces? Tweaq has come up with an answer.

Tweaq looks at a surface that people come into contact with more often than others in public places – a door handle. One single door handle can infect up to 60 percent of occupants in a building.[4] So, how can you mitigate the effects of one door handle? You can tweaq your ordinary door handle with Tweaq’s self cleaning door handle. Once a person uses Rise, the handle is awakened by the internal sensors which triggers the disinfection process. The pump irrigates the sponge located inside the magnetic ring with an antibacterial solution. Ultimately, disinfecting the door handle’s surface, getting rid of 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in just under 3 seconds.

Tweaq’s revolutionary door handle is a perfect solution to the need for better health and hygiene in public spaces as it can guarantee to reduce the spread of diseases and infections through contact with bacteria filled doors in public areas.For more information on what Tweaq’s self cleaning door handle can do for you and your establishment, visit here. If you want to know more about the technology behind the “Rise” visit here.