The first, smart


door handle

The first, smart


door handle

Fast & Effective

It kills 99.99% of germs on the surface in less than 3 seconds.

Data Driven Insights

Valuable insights accessible on a private dashboard highlighting usages, peak times and trends.

Circular Economy

Aiming to reduce as much waste as possible.

Your Health.
Our Priority.

Touching 1 door handle is equivalent to 10,000 handshakes

Rise disinfects the door handle's surface in 3 seconds eliminating 99.99% of bacteria and viruses*.

Tweaq's innovative technology provides you with valuable insights on footfall data thanks to its IoT module.

Tweaq can be implemented in every living spaces.

*Lab tested by world leading laboratory Eurofins

What we tweaq-ed,
to invent Rise

Providing you with the safest way to open a door was not enough, it needed to be smart and environmental friendly


Reduce costs and maximize resources' efficiency by accessing real time information .


Reusable cartridges have been specifically developed to be recharged and refilled to avoid any extra waste. The cartridges are automatically sent to your location.

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