An IoT module is integrated within Rise which automatically gathers footfall data.
Track your infrastructure's activity and access valuable insights through the Tweaq dashboard.

Get valuable information about footfall and traffic flow in your building or home.

Optimize your cleaning costs by aligning your cleaning schedules with the number of times the premises is actually used.

Get notified when you need to replace the cartridges.

Your data is safe

Tweaq uses the advanced cryptographic security system (ATECC) from Microchip™ to guarantee unique sign-verify authentication for our IoT devices to AWS.

Customer Case Study

Streamlining Restroom Maintenance for Efficency

Challenge: A Swiss restaurant faced high costs and inconsistent restroom cleaning due to hourly checks.

Solution: By analyzing footfall data and usage patterns, we optimized cleaning schedules.

Results: Restroom checks reduced by 79% (from 312 to 75 monthly), cutting costs and ensuring timely cleaning based on real usage.

Benefits: Cost savings, improved efficiency, and enhanced guest satisfaction with consistently clean facilities.
Conclusion: Our data-driven approach revolutionized restroom maintenance, demonstrating the impact of tailored solutions.

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