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Born in the heart of the Swiss technological hub, we had a mission to share our innovative hygiene solution with the world. Which is why we are proud to introduce the self cleaning door handle to you. We were shocked that a staggering 95% of people do not wash their hands properly, and in these unfortunate times, we need to do better. This is what has motivated our search for smart innovative hygiene solutions that will improve health and safety in public places, as well as in our own homes. We believe that life is precious and that we need to protect it, which the self cleaning door handle has vowed to do.

Now, let’s dive into how our innovative self cleaning door handle works along with where it can be implemented.

How does it work?

Our self cleaning door handle is controlled by a printed circuit board. Once a person uses the handle, it is awakened by internal sensors which then triggers the disinfection process. After this is triggered, the pump irrigates the sponge located inside the magnetic ring with an antibacterial solution that disinfects the door handle’s surface; getting rid of 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in just under 3 seconds.

Tweaq’s innovative technology also involves connectivity as an IoT module is integrated with the self cleaning door handle. The IoT will be able to automatically count daily uses, which will be used to inform you when to refill your Tweaq case. The best part about this is that it will allow you to optimise cleaning costs. All of this information will be available via the Tweaq portal where you can track the activity of every single door handle that you own. If you don’t have access to the portal, the LED light on the Tweaq case will indicate whether the door handle is ready to use or whether it needs to be refilled. It is as simple as that. Who knew protecting you and those around you could be so easy.

Where can it be used?

Over the past year, hygiene has been more vital than ever before. The Tweaq team has conducted extensive research and found touching one door handle is the equivalent of 10,000 handshakes. Crazy, right? Even more seriously, the pathogens found on door handles kill one million a year (not inclusive of coronavirus deaths).

Everywhere around the world, ‘normal’ life is starting again. With offices, schools, restaurants starting to reopen again but health and hygiene will need to be a priority. Therefore, Tweaq has shared its self cleaning door handle with the world to allow public establishments to reopen more safely.

The self cleaning door handle can be implemented practically anywhere as it is user friendly and easy to install on any standard door. From offices to hotels, Tweaq’s innovative technology is able to enhance any location’s public hygiene, prioritising everyone’s health and hygiene to the fullest.

Together, let’s Zigzag the world, open doors to tomorrow, trust in your touch, today.

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