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There is no doubt that people all across the country will be keen to return to public spaces as soon as they are able to. For over a year, the public have found themselves living under restrictions staying at home, unable to see family and friends, partake in recreational activities and live a normal life.

However the countdown has finally begun. The government’s roadmap spanning the good part of this year has brought hope to not only the public, but to businesses as well. We now have a rough idea of when this disruption will end and the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight, While we are not quite there yet, the upcoming months will be a busy period for those who provide facilities in public spaces to make preparations ahead of the relaxation of restrictions.

Although life may be returning to normal, we should expect it to be a slightly different normal unlike anything we were used to prior to the pandemic. This new normal is attributed to a change in public attitudes towards health and hygiene. The events of the past year have brought about a deeper awareness into personal hygiene and the standards of cleanliness in public spaces.

As a startup tech company working to provide hygiene solutions, we strive to support businesses who provide public facilities and maintain public spaces in the transition back to normality. We strongly believe in Rise’s ability to improve public spaces for the better; revolutionising public spaces with smart technology to suit the new-normal world.

Rise in Shopping Centres

Shopping centres are at the top of the list of public spaces which people are most looking forward to returning to. It is for this reason that shopping centres are expected to see a boom in business and become a true hotspot for public activity.Public toilets in shopping centres will benefit from the implementation of Rise. A recent YouGov survey commissioned by Tweaq found that 27% of all adults in the UK often avoid using a public toilet over concerns of cleanliness. Consider how many times you have used a public toilet and used your foot to open a door or avoided touching the door handle.

Rise will not only provide a clean touch point for everyone to use in confidence but it will also make your public space more reputable; as visitors will witness the efforts your business is making to improve the customer experience first hand. The more confidence the public has in the hygiene standards of your public space, the better this will be for business.

Rise in Airports

Over recent years airports have transformed drastically. As both the first and last place a person will be in a country, they have gone from being a simple gateway for travel to becoming a whole experience of their own driven by new technology.
As the travel industry opens up for business again, airports, like shopping centres, will see a huge resurgence in public presence. The YouGov survey found that a whopping 71% of adults in the UK believe their toilet seat to be cleaner than a public door handle. This is a key area for airport owners to focus on if it is their goal to improve the airport experience; as it is important for both travellers and airport staff to feel protected within these public spaces.
Rise will improve the airport experience, serving as a marvel in innovative smart technology and safeguarding travellers and staff’s wellbeing. Rise is also supported by smart IoT technology. Through its connectivity to the Tweaq app, users will be able to track Rise usage, monitor battery levels and schedule cartridge refills directly with Tweaq. Airport maintenance will never be the same, only better.

Rise in Health Clubs

Gyms, swimming pools and leisure facilities have been almost inaccessible for over a year. A big part of life going back to normal will see the public’s return to these public spaces. People have expressed their desire to get back to the gym and take advantage of fitness centres as soon as they are able to. While, hygiene in gyms and fitness centres has always been a priority even before the pandemic, business owners will need to ensure extra measures to improve hygiene are taken.

Visitors will rely on businesses who run these leisure centres to provide a safe environment for them to return to. Many businesses will have invested in cleaning facilities, increasing access to cleaning solutions for gym equipment and providing hand sanitiser points throughout the public spaces.

However, it will be difficult to ensure these cleaning facilities are used. The YouGov survey found that 13% of adults in the UK admitted to not sanitising their hands before or after every use of a door handle. Rise will guarantee door handles are always clean touch points within your public space by taking the responsibility of hand hygiene from people and putting it on technology.

Developing public spaces to enhance public health and hygiene is essential to the new-normal world. Rise has the ability to do this and take hygiene in public spaces to a new level. Find out more about Health and Hygiene in Public Areas. If you want to find out how Rise can work for you, visit Tweaq’s website.