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5 Ways to Improve Restaurant Hygiene

One thing we all can agree on is our excitement for restaurants to reopen. For the general public, it is a chance to finally leave the house and catch up with friends and family who have been separated for the best part of a year. For restaurant owners, it is finally the moment to improve restaurant hygiene and return to business as usual.

Now that we finally have a goal – an estimated time to when normality will return, the great countdown has begun. Although there are some months until restrictions allow businesses to pick up from where they left off, this is the perfect time for restaurant owners to begin their preparations.

While life will be returning to normal, it is unlikely to be the same. The events of the past year have increased an awareness in public health and the standards of hygiene in an environment. In order to reassure customers that it is safe to return, restaurant owners will need to provide the highest standards of restaurant hygiene.

As a startup tech company working to provide restaurant hygiene solutions, we want to support restaurant businesses on their transition back to business as usual. We have compiled a list of the best ways to improve restaurant hygiene so all your customers can rest assured their safety is a top priority and be confident in your business.

#1 Installing Rise

Keeping door handles clean is important to restaurant hygiene. Door handles are a common touch point in restaurants, specifically in restrooms. It is an impossible task to guarantee that all customers will wash their hands before touching a door handle.

Tweaq recently commissioned a YouGov survey which confirmed this. The survey found that more than 10% of adults in the UK do not wash their hands before touching a door handle. More than 30% of people avoid using public restrooms in a restaurant as they are worried about restaurant hygiene standards and cleanliness.

Installing Rise can drastically increase your restaurant hygiene standards and reduce the risk of germs spreading between customers and staff, and add an element of reassurance to your customers. Rise’s onboard IoT connectivity also allows users to track usage directly via an app. This way you can manage your inventory more efficiently and ensure you always have refills lined up.

#2 Using Plexiglass

Setting up your dining space to facilitate new plexiglass screens between each table will be useful in improving restaurant hygiene. While they do not stop all germs from spreading, they are important in reducing face to face transmission of germs via large droplets. Customers and staff can be confident in your business as they will see first hand, the efforts you are taking to safeguarding their health.

#3 Air Ionisers

Air ionisers can significantly improve restaurant hygiene by purifying air in closed spaces. Clean air has been proven to reduce the risk of spreading illness via particles by 70%. Some restaurants may not have good ventilation in their dining areas or may be unable to keep windows open during the winter therefore using air purification systems will be beneficial to your customers and staff.

#4 Clear Hygiene Signs

Promoting personal hygiene by the use of clear signage can ultimately improve overall restaurant hygiene. For both staff and customers, signage displaying clear hand washing procedures and cleaning facilities as well as one way systems around the dining area to reduce contact between individuals can be highly beneficial.

#5 Making Cleaning Accessible

While it is a common restaurant hygiene practice for staff to clean between seatings, restaurants owners should also provide cleaning facilities for customers. Some customers may want the added reassurance of cleaning their own tables, chairs and cutlery before dining, so it will be important to accommodate for this. Your customer’s peace of mind will be your business’ success.

Creating safe spaces where restaurant hygiene is an utmost priority will be essential in the transition back to normality. At Tweaq, we aim to provide solutions that will help this transition and solutions which will be a key feature of life in a post pandemic world. If you found this information helpful, find out why you should Enhance Hygiene in Restaurants.