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5 Ways To Improve Hygiene in your Office Space

For some, it has been a long time since they have stepped foot inside an office space. The events of the past year have left many people who would normally make their daily commute to an office space working remotely at home. However, with the success of numerous vaccines and a promising roll out, it begs the question… Is it time to return back to the office space?Buildings have been left eerily empty over the last year and as the idea of life returning to normal by mid 2021, many businesses will be spending the next few months in the lead up to June 21st considering how to open up their office space and welcome their employees back.As a startup tech company providing office hygiene solutions, we want to support businesses on their transition back to the office space. We believe it will be important for all employees to feel comfortable and assured their working environment has been optimised for a post-pandemic world, putting high hygiene standards as the top priority.We have looked at the best ways of improving your office space and created this list of the most effective ways to do so:

#1 Install Rise

Whether it be a door to the toilet or to the boardroom, door handles are one of the most popular touch points in an office space. It is difficult to guarantee that all employees will maintain a high standard of personal hand hygiene. A YouGov survey commissioned by Tweaq found that more than 10% of Brits rarely wash or sanitise their hands before using a door handle. By installing Rise in your office space, you are mitigating the risk of germs spreading between staff. Rise’s IoT connectivity also allows users to track usage and provide real time information on each handle’s status. This way, you can efficiently manage inventory and order refills ahead of time.

#2 Organise a staff cleaning rota

Proper office space cleaning on a regular basis will be essential to maintaining a high standard of health and hygiene. Cleaning should be a shared effort throughout the working day and by all staff participating, confidence in the safety standards of their working environment will increase. It can also improve work ethic and morale as staff would organise and take care of their office space will see value in it.

#3 Set up plexiglass desk dividers

They are in place in restaurants, in supermarkets and retail shops, so you should consider using them in your office space too. While they will not completely stop the spread of germs, they do reduce the spread of large droplets and germs passing directly between staff as they socialise at their desk.

#4 Hygiene Education for Staff

An employer can provide all the necessary cleaning products and cleaning equipment. However if staff are not informed, maintaining the cleanliness of the work space can be difficult, especially if unlike the Rise smart disinfecting door handle, other cleaning equipment requires a conscious effort to be used. Staff should be kept informed on cleaning procedures, and signage should be in place to promote usage of cleaning products and awareness.

#5 Provide Air Ventilation

Clean air and allowing air to circulate within the office space will maintain a fresh working environment. It has been proven that ventilation can be essential to reducing the spread of diseases and the risk of infection through particles by 70% in closed spaces. Installing ionic air purifiers can also help with keeping air clean in the office space through the day and in colder months when windows are kept closed.
Keeping up to date with guidance on how to maintain a clean office space will be a crucial part of returning back to normality. If you would like to read more about how Tweaq’s innovative creation, Rise, can help you improve your office space then read our blog about the Importance of Office Cleaning.